The Time Has Come for Connected Things

Internet of Things, Cyper-physical Systems, Smart Products, Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Industrie 2025, Smart Factory. What do all these buzzwords mean and what do they have in common?

Smart and Connected Things

… as a result of physical products or goods that are equipped with sensors, actuators and a connection to the internet to enable cloud-based data analysis. The collected data allows to develop and offer a bunch of new services.

But what does this mean for a manufacturer of goods? The company has to develop towards a service provider, to co-operate with other companies, to merge the industry and internet culture, to focus on straight forward solutions, and finally, to deal with questions regarding the security of the data. In short the elements of the business model have to be adapted.

Smart and Connected Value Chains

… as a result of smart and connected things or machines.

The Idea ofthings

The idea of ofthings is to advance the discussion of the Internet of Things (IoT) especially with focus on manufacturers of capital goods.