AI & Ethics

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AI – Strategy

References Kiron, D., & Schrage, M. (2019). Strategy for and with AI. MIT Sloan Management Review, 60(4), 29-36. @SATW (Dez 2019) #Empfehlungen für eine KI-Strategie in der Schweiz

AI Playbooks

@Andreessen Horowitz (Dec 2019) #AI Playbook @Microsoft (Dec 2019) #The AI playbook @MMC Ventures (Dec 2019) #The AI Playbook @Landing AI (Dec 2019) #AI Transformation Playbook

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

aka intelligent process automation (IPA) Companies UiPath Inc. Blue Prism Group PLC Automation Anywhere Articles @WSJ April 24, 2019 #Demand Surges for Software ‘Robots’ That Automate Back-Office Tasks @WSJ Sept. 17, 2018 #Software ‘Robots’ Power Surging Values for Three Little-Known Startups @McKinsey Mar 2017 #Intelligent process automation: The engine at the core of the next-generation operating model