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In the press – 19/06

Open-Source, Handynetze, Cypersecurity, Sensorik, Automatik, Robotik und Computational Thinking @HZ #Im Gespräch mit Martin Vetterli: “Die Leute sind oft sehr naiv”

In the press – 19/04

Der Hype-Zyklus und IoT (Asut-Konferenz «From Hype to Reality») @NZZ #«Die werden auf die Nase fallen / Aktien, Computerspielsektor und Regulation @NZZ #Wendet sich die Stimmung gegen den Computerspielsektor / Swiss Economic Award 2019, die Finalisten @NZZ #Eine Geschäftsidee in 90 Sekunden

In the press – 19/03

“In a CNBC interview Tuesday, he [Tim Cook] pointed to rapid growth in services and “wearables”—such as watches or ear buds—as reason for optimism. Someday, Apple will be known more for its contribution to health care than its sleek gadgets, Mr. Cook says. … Whatever shape it takes, Apple’s evolution will be closely watched if only because reinvention is so hard to pull off.” @WSJ #Polaroid. Walkman. Palm Pilot. iPhone?

In the press – 19/02

“Microsoft’s devices serve this end by acting as attractive lures for services, much the way the Xbox console drives usage of its far more lucrative Xbox Live service” @WSJ #Microsoft’s HoloLens Gives Clear View of the Cloud “Companies are using HoloLens to overlay instructions and other visuals that can guide workers through machine repairs, among other tasks.” @WSJ #Microsoft’s Hype Strategy for HoloLens Is to Avoid It “Customers rent the robots, which require less customization …

GfM-Marketingpreis 2018 – Schindler

@Handelszeitung – Special Marketing – 1. November 2018 #Innovation auf allen Etagen Vom Hersteller zum Dienstleistungsanbieter “Oder wie es Thomas Oetterli, CEO des Konzerns mit Sitz im luzernischen Ebikon, ausdrückt “Früher haben wir uns für Anlagen interessiert. Jetzt haben wir es mit Menschen zu tun.” Der persönliche Kundenkontakt ist heute wichtiger den je.” Wie sich die Elemente im Geschäftsmodell verändern im Bereich Kundenbeziehung “… viele Kunden haben mit Schindler seit Jahren oder Jahrzehnten einen Servicevertrag. …

In the press – 18/07

“Email data collectors use software to scan millions of messages a day, looking for clues about consumers that they can sell to marketers, hedge funds and other businesses.” @WSJ #Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail  

In the press – 18/04

“The late Gumpei Yokoi, inventor of the Game Boy, once explained his design philosophy as “lateral thinking with withered technology”—the repurposing of anachronistic materials in unusual, delightful ways.” @WSJ #Nintendo Rethinks How We Play Video Games. Again  

In the press – 17/10

“Nadella, unabashed, insists on a “moral obligation” to push forward with innovation — and an equally powerful obligation to weigh social and political impacts of technologies like AI and to make sure the benefits are widely shared.” @FT #Hit Refresh, by Satya Nadella “Polestar vehicles will be available only through 2 or 3-year subscription plans, a method some auto analysts believe could become the norm in years ahead.” @WSJ #Volvo Unveils a Direct Challenge to …

In the press – 17/05

“The new Psion is called the Gemini …” @FT #Pocket computers are poised for a comeback “In effect, the BlackBerry era is over.” @FT #How the BlackBerry phone era came to an end Special Report: The Connected Business May 2017 @FT >> Fears of automation overshadow our road to the future >> If you can’t beat robots then why not teach them? # The Circle’s sinister tech vision is already a reality “Google hat Anfang April …

In the press 17/04

“Manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, GE and Siemens have been investing in this “predictive maintenance” technology for years.” @FT #Germany’s Mittelstand joins revolution in big data “Industry experts say the fair will show that “Industry 4.0” … is becoming a reality, creating cost savings and enhancing productivity.” @FT #Hanover fair to showcase advances in industrial internet of things  “A vast majority (80 percent) … respondents believe their industry will be disrupted by digital trends.” @HBR #Competing in 2020: …